Budget Allocation

Increase your marketing ROI by up to 50% by optimising your investment profile across a global brand portfolio

Where should I spend my next marketing dollar? It’s an age-old question but how well equipped are you to answer it? We can help.

Our budget allocation technology suite helps our clients allocate every single dollar of their marketing budget in a way that maximises future business growth. We help our clients optimally allocate their marketing budgets across global markets and complex brand portfolios.

In today’s turbulent times maximizing the impact of your entire marketing investment is more vital than ever, we can help spot the growth opportunity and find the right balance of short and long term results to put organisations in the best possible position to grow as macroeconomic conditions begin to improve.



Our tools can ingest a wide array of different data inputs to ensure accurate forecasts and optimal business outcomes. We firstly conduct an audit of available data inputs to ensure our optimisation suite is fully bespoke to every client, leveraging all available insights to maximise accuracy. On launch our clients have access to a live scenario planning tool enabling them to test different allocation scenarios, spot investment opportunities and optimise allocation of a given budget across brands, channels and markets.

MMM models

Attribution Models

External Drivers

Price and margin

Sales channel dynamics

Web analytics and CRM

New Product Innovation

Media cost forecasts

What are the benefits?

Our unique approach can help you answer questions like:

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