Predictive Analytics

Our advanced algorithms predict your marketing ROI so that you can stay one step ahead of the competition

Digital transformation is accelerating the pace at which a given piece of marketing activity can be created, planned and activated whilst also creating an ever increasing array of performance data

Brands that are able to react quickest to this data will be able to course correct their marketing activity faster, staying one step ahead of the competition.

However the array and velocity of data now available can be overwhelming, with advanced techniques required to collect, organize and filter out the noise from the true insight. This is where our Predictive Analytics approach helps our clients step-change their marketing agility.


Our Approach

Our proprietary algorithms will interrogate a host of real-time marketing performance datasets including:

Search Behaviours

Social Listening

Ad Interactions

Web Analytics

We can cut through the irrelevant data to create an understanding of which real-time digital metrics are most correlated with marketing driven sales revenue and ROI.

Improve Agility

This approach has been shown to reduce the time required to produce ROI insights from months to days

Easy to deploy

We will handle the data integration and run all analysis with outputs provided in simple, easy to understand reports

Data driven culture

This approach enables a “test and learn” culture to flourish by providing answers to your key questions quickly and simply

What are the benefits?

Our unique approach can help you answer questions like:

  • Which real-time metrics are most predictive of short vs. long term business outcomes?
  • Which set of metrics can give me the earliest read on performance of a new campaign?
  • Which metrics are better at predicting offline sales revenues vs. E-commerce?
  • How can I predict future outcomes across my existing sales funnel
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