Applying marketing effectiveness principles to accelerate growth

We leveraged our marketing effectiveness database along with our optimisation technology to drive a global brand towards stronger, more sustainable growth

The Challenge:

The pandemic has boosted demand for home appliances in many countries and our client, a leading player in this market with a global footprint, was embarking on a large-scale brand campaign across 25 markets.

In some of these markets our client is the market leader, whereas in others they are less established, but have strong growth potential. They wanted to know the optimal level of advertising investment across these different markets, which channels should be used and how investment should be phased through the year. There was also the need for additional planning for their key markets, e.g. how much product investment should happen alongside the brand campaign, and which products should be supported.

Planning decisions for dozens of markets had to be made within a couple of weeks and the client had no existing marketing mix modelling data.


The Solution:

We started by creating segments for the 25 markets, based on factors such as market share, growth rate of the client brand, growth potential and brand metrics like consideration.

We used inputs from our media ROI benchmark database, tailored the data to the client brand and with our optimisation tool we created a playbook for the brand campaign in each of the segments. The playbook covered optimal investment levels, media mix and laydown for the rollout of the brand campaign for each of the market segments.

For eight of the largest markets a series of workshops went into further detail and longer planning periods, optimising the split between brand and product investment to maximise revenue over three years. Different scenarios also supported the client’s decisions on how to balance investment in established product groups vs. growth categories. The workshop environment brings together client and media agency teams to ensure that all recommendations are feasible from a buying perspective and the agency will be able to use the scenarios to create higher growth media plans.

The Results:

We helped to uncover additional revenue potential within each of eight key markets for the brand, all without increasing the client’s media budget

0 €m average revenue growth potential in each market

0 minimum % improvement in advertising ROI in each market