Media Optimisation and forecasting

Increase the marketing ROI for your brand by up to 20%

Measurement can only take us so far, optimisation and forecasting tools are vital to enable us to improve future performance.

Our media optimisation technology suite enables our clients to test and learn different iterations of their marketing plans with a live assessment of relative ROI and the business growth each plan can deliver. This provides a safe environment to test and learn, assess predicted sales performance against targets and formulate best and worst case scenario predictions.


Our Approach

Our tools can ingest a wide array of different data inputs to ensure accurate forecasts and optimal business outcomes:

MMM models

Attribution Models

External Drivers

Price and margin

Sales channel dynamics

Web analytics and CRM

New Product Innovation

Media cost forecasts

Our tools offer week by week scenario planning to enable granular campaign and channel planning including recommendations on weekly levels of spend and phasing throughout the year. See below for a demo of our optimisation software, walking you through practical examples of how we can transform your data-driven planning capabilities.

What are the benefits?

Our approach can help you answer questions like:

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